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Welcome to syriandata website:
Welcome in Syria ...

Syrian data 's idea from the possibility of using the developed digital search to get result, instead of the old way of using papers. In the light of developed which Syria nowadays is witnessing in the field of informatics and digital advertisement, TechnoCell Information Technology Company saw that its prior work in 2004 must be the first Syrian digital directory that covers all Syrian economic , services, industry, trading, tourism, buildings & materials, health, clothing, fashion, textile, foodstuffs, agricultural and industrial activities and gathering them in the directory titled.

SyrianData : Syrian Digital Directory is free syrian directory to offer the free information about its clients of companies to users they want to deal with it .

This is by using the most efficient easy ways of digital search by searching about them according to the wanted institutions's names or person's name in charge or city name or area name or market name or even its institutions's specialization.

SyrianData is your link to future


Damascus Tower
Furnitures Market ( Sakba )
Industrial Zone (Adra)
Industrial Zone (Eben Assaker)
Industrial Zone (Shekh Najjar)
Souk Al-Hamidih
Souk Al-Madinah
Textiles Market (Zablatani)
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